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1. Direct neighbourhood of Poznan- a substantial outlet for goods and services


The Czerwonak district borders directly on the city of Poznan with its population of 600 thousand inhabitants – the capital of the region called “Greater Poland”.

Greater Poland is a region characterized by the highest economic growth rate in the whole country. Poznan, which has undergone a constant and rapid development in recent years, is a city with a very strong economy in terms of Polish economic conditions.

All these factors have a positive influence on the economic potential of the Czerwonak District.


2. The low unemployment rate and a huge number of registered  business entities


The Czerwonak district is a municipality of young and educated people. More than 2000 companies of different character operate here. You can also find here significant companies with foreign capital (from Germany, Denmark and Switzerland). The advantages of our municipality have already been discovered by well-known companies like Solaris Bus&Coach, who is the leading player in the European bus industry and has invested in Bolechowo since 1996.


















3. Efficient administration


We are attracting new investors thanks to our good technical infrastructure, areas prepared for economic activity, professional help in fulfilling formalities, stable tax policy and the possibility of employing a highly qualified local population.


4. Investment at the Forest border


Cultural and natural value of the region boost development of tourism in the commune area. A close vicinity of Puszcza Zielonka (Zielonka Forest) inspires to taking ecological and environmentally friendly initiatives and business projects.

We focus on sustainable development of the needs of investors and the surrounding nature. That is why we prefer environmentally friendly technologies and services within the accommodation sector, sports, tourism and gastronomy.