Address of real estate: Bolechowo, commune of Czerwonak


Area of real estate:

plot 371/17 area 4,4797 ha,

plot 368/13 area 9,7422 ha,

plot 372/31 area 6,8996 ha,

plot 371/6 area 27.2910 ha 


Geodetic symbols:

Bolechowo section, sheet 2

plot 368/13

plot 371/17

plot 372/31

plot 371/6 


Description of real estate:

- Location: In the northern part of the commune of Czerwonak, at the border with Murowana Goślina. Three areas located along provincial road No. 196.

- Current use: Presently not used, besides plot 368/13 that is leased for a specified period of time for agricultural and leisure purposes.

- Development on the premises: No development

- Access:
- provincial road No. 196;
- Poznań-Wągrowiec railway line, the closest railway station: Bolechowo, ca. 1 km away;
- A2 Warsaw – Berlin motorway ca. 22 km away.

- Neighbourhood: The manufacturer of coaches, Solaris Bus & Coaches is based in Bolechowo. The plots are in a direct vicinity of the village and commune of Murowana Goślina and 18 km away from the city of Poznań with a population of almost 600 thousand. 

- Utilities: Sewage and water distribution network under construction. Power grid and district heating main within a reach.



Intended use and management:

According to the effective land development plan the areas are intended for business operation: industrial facilities, warehouses, service and commercial facilities and - to a minor degree - residential buildings. 


Form and procedure of disposal:

For sale under tender proceedings. 


Price of real estate:

ca. 45 PLN/m² net


Additional information:

Building restrictions: maximum commercial area 1000 m², maximum height of structures 15 m.

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