Lift for water-skiing and wakeboarding

A two-pillar Sesitec System 2.0 cableway for water-skiing and wakeboarding was installed on the AKWEN Tropicana beach in 2012 by the Wake Spot company from Czerwonak.


The cableway in Owińska is 160 m long (medium sized – the longest ones are 222 m) and allows water sport aficionados to travel as fast as 40 km/h. Anyone who wants to use the cableway needs a helmet, a life preserver and, of course, a special board for wakeboarding or water skis. Previously, anyone from Poznań or the surrounding areas who preferred adrenaline sports on the water had to go the 80 km to Margonin. Now, the thrills of water sports are at your fingertips.


Mr. Paweł Włodarczyk from WAKE SPOT assures us that it is a sport for everyone – children and adults, professionals and those who have never had a board beneath their feet. For those who are unfamiliar with wakeboarding, it is a water sport which involves riding the surface of the water on a special board while holding a cable attached to a boat or a cable system.


Rafał Płaza
tel. 663 663 140, 601 395 857, 724 413 897

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