If you ever thought that paintball is a boring game played only by businessmen during corporate events, you are in error! The game, created in the thirties during a May barbecue in the US, has inspired people all over the world ever since! The pistols, initially used by foresters to mark trees and cattle at a distance have since been replaced with tools of the most fashionable strategy game in the world, a game for everyone who likes some thrill and sport rivalry. A game of Paintball is an unforgettable experience that allows to test one’s personality in extreme conditions. It teaches teamwork and integrates team members.


Now everyone in our commune has a chance to play: Paintball Mindoro company has opened a professional paintball field in Szlachęcin (Czerwonak Commune). Interesting terrain formation combined with various obstacles like wooden walls, barrels and tires is just a part of the attractions prepared for our customers. The company provides markers, masks, padding and other protective gear. Different scenarios can be prepared depending on the level and physical condition of the participants. Our offer is directed at individual customers wanting to spend their time actively outdoors through friendly rivalry. At the same time we invite any companies wanting to include paintball in their training and bonding events, using it to learn fair play competition build trust and team spirit, teach communication, planning and motivation.




For more details, see: www.mindoro.pl and www.facebook.com/paintballmindoro


Łukasz: 723 893 805
Michał: 793 696 836

Sosnowa Street 27

62-005 Promnice



A game is prepared for a minimum of 8 players.
You don’t have a full team?
Contact us and we will help you find extra players!



Don’t sit at home! Gather your friends and visit the Mindoro paintball field in Szlachęcin (Czerwonak Commune).

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