This object is located at the edge of Zielonka Forest Landscape Park. It allows the guests to rest and enjoy harmony with nature, making it a great base for tourism, whether hiking, cycling, horse riding or alternative. It is perfectly fitted into the picturesque landscape, with a beach and great fishing spots. The convenient location mere 15 km from Poznań and good communication make it a good choice for individual and group tourism.


We organize stay for school and kindergarten trips, company bonding events, parties, therapy sessions and other events. We can accommodate up to 20 guests in comfortable 2,3 and 4 people rooms with bathrooms and TVs, as well as a common living room. Within the area there is a sand court, dining cottages with fireplaces and camping grounds. The settlement is also inhabited by animals: Siberian Husky dogs, horses and ostriches. We offer horse riding western style, dog sledding and other forms of active, sports related entertainment.








- picnics – for children and families
- organised games and sport-related competitions
- horse riding, including western style
- horse carriage / horse sledge rides
- Siberian Husky dog-sled rides and trips
- trappers’ cottage
- campfire feasts
- sand court
- volleyball and other ball games
- refreshments
- home-made country food
- sampling of scrambled ostrich eggs

For our tourists we prepare home-made country food as well as a chance to sample scrambled ostrich eggs.

A parking lot within the area.
Night’s lodging for a total of 20 people.




Lipowa Street 50a

tel. 693 160 293, 663 523 921


This and other attractions await those who feel like tasting an adventure!

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