The only Typhlology Museum in Poland contains the biggest collection of typhlological maps in the country, as well as several hundred items connected to culture and education of vision-impaired people. These include the oldest mass produced typhlo-maps, made by M.Kunz in Illzy in 1886, the first World Atlas for vision-impaired from 1932 and tens of other items of typhlocartography from around the world!


People interested in the topic have a chance to study both the technology of making typhlocartography and typhlography items through the ages but also the process of preparing them.

Another thing of note is a collection of wall maps of Poland, Europe and the World. looking at the historic elaborations created for education of vision-impaired people we can compare them with contemporary typhlography and typhlocartography educational aids from all over the world.


The museum can be visited after prior arrangement. Suggested days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Anyone interested can contact the museum at:




Marek Jakubowski
tel. 602 727 606


The School Office

tel. 618 126 737

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