Educational trail: ”The Land of Cerulean Nature”

On May 16th Forest District Babki made a grand opening of a new educational trail through the “Puszcza Zielonka" Landscape Park, called “ The Land of Cerulean Nature”.

The trail goes next to the base of the Plant Nursery Odrzykożuch (on the map of Zielonka forest this spot is marked as forest district Wronczyn) and Modre (“cerulean”) lake – which is where the trail got its name.

The trail “ The Land of Cerulean Nature” is an educational offer of Forest District Babki directed at children between 4 and 13 years of age. So far this part of the forest district lacked such a feature. Just like other actions of State Forest it is aimed at shaping and promoting pro-ecological, multifunctional and balanced forest management, proper attitude of the society towards the forest and the forest management; at showing from the earlier years that foresters are not only those who cut down trees, teach about their work, historical knowledge and put the subjects into a coherent whole. On the trail, in an enclosed area (thus the need to arrange in advance) there are 11 stops with interactive pictures – the children don’t just look but also complete assigned tasks, depending on the school subject the given stop focuses on. After completing the exercises they can rest under a “mushroom”, a roofed area for up to 40 people with a place to barbecue or start a campfire. This valuable initiative could be realised thanks to financial support by Forest District Babki, the Voivodship Environment and Water Management Fund, the Poviat Starost, the company Volkswagen Poznań and Pobiedziska Commune as well as support from ZMPZ, self-governments of Murowana Goślina and Czerwonak.



Włodzimierz Buczyński

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