An educational trail is a hiking trail or less commonly a cycling trail running through an area with a large number of interesting examples of flora and fauna. Typically it is nature-oriented but nowadays there are trails that include landmarks, relics of technology or connected to historical figures. Creating the trails regulates tourist movement, especially in protected areas, as well as providing a chance for an outdoor lesson for anyone interested. It is not just a form of education for children and teenagers but also an active form of spending free time. Thanks to the trails the impact of tourists on nature is minimised. Their precise marking allows visitors to move safely over areas new to them, even without a map, while the infrastructure (information boards, sheds, shelters, overlooks) provides help in travelling through the forest.

Within Zielonka Forest and around it there are four educational trails, all shaped like loops:


“Dziewicza Góra” trail
A forest hiking trail in Czerwonak Commune. Its greatest asset is the Dziewicza Góra mountain, 143 m above sea level. Small loop – 3,5 km, large loop – 5,5 km.


“Natural assets of Kiszkowo area” trail
A cycling trail in Kiszkowo Commune. Its unquestionable asset in “Stawy Kiszkowskie” nature refuge. Length of the trail is 26 km.


“Concentrations of plant life around Zielonka Lake” trail
A hiking trail in Murowana Goślina Commune. It is located in the very heart of the forest. Partially overgrown, it gives a sense of deeper contact with nature. Length of the trail is 3 km.


“Maksymilian Jackowski” trail”
An educational trail in Pobiedziska Commune. Its goal is to preserve the memory about important people of Great Poland in the partitions period. The length of the trail is 1 km.

The abovementioned trails are an ideal, creative way of organising hiking or cycling trips. A predetermined, well marked route and interesting topics give a sense of security in the new surroundings and guarantee that the time will be well spent.

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