Red trail
Czerwonak – Dziewicza Góra – Okoniec – Zielonka – Rejowiec – Skoki (35 km)
The most popular access route to the top of Dziewicza mountain. The trail goes mostly through the wooded area of Zielonka forest.


Blue trail
Dziewicza Góra – Owińska – Ludwikowo – Tuczno – Zielonka – Głęboczek – Sława Wlkp. (37,4 km)
Tourists following this trail can combine active recreation close to nature with sightseeing. Around Annowo it is worth seeing the old forester’s house from XIX century while in Annowo itself one can see farm infrastructure from the ending of XIX and beginning of XX century. the next interesting stop is Owińska with its Cistercian buildings the palace of von Treskow and the oak “Bartek”. Further on the trail passes through Zielonka forest to the lakes near Tuczno and then to Zielonka. On the way one can visit Ludwikowo – a small village with XIX, early XX century buildings.


Yellow trail
Dziewicza mountain – Kicin – Wierzenica – Kobylnica (9.9 km)
The trail leads through diverse landscape; forests, fields and meadows. After walking down the Dziewicza mountain tourists reach Kicin, a small village at the edge of Zielonka forest. An attraction of this village is a small, wooden St. Josef’s church as well as unique examples of building with glacial erratics. Another wooden church can be seen in Wierzenica, which is the next step along the trail.



Green trail
Promno – Tuczno – Okoniec – Głęboczek – Łopuchówko – Wojnowo – Długa Goślina – Biąłężyn – Siarczanowo – Radzim – Śnieżycowy Jar – Rożnowo (55,1 km)


Connecting black trails
Skoki / bus station – Skoki / train station (1,3 km).
A connecting trail between the red trail in the western part of Skoki and the train station

Owińska – Owińska/train station (3,2 km)
a trail connecting the blue trail to the east of Owińska to the train station, passing by all the noteworthy historical landmarks of the village.

Murowana Goślina / train station – Okoniec / trails crossroads (6,7 km)

Ludwikowo – Mielno / hunting field at Dziewicza mountain (6,3 km)
Connects the red and blue trail.


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