"Dolphin" Swimming Poll in Koziegłowy

A modern complex built in 2004, offering a wide range of interesting leisure activities.


A full-size sports swimming pool with a depth of 140-180 cm and 6 swimming lanes. The water temperature is maintained at about 28°C and the air temperature in the hall at approximately 29°C.


Training pool measuring 10.5 x 12.5 meters with a depth of 90-130 cm, additionally equipped with hydromassage equipment.


Recreational pool with a depth of 1 meter, equipped with an electronically controlled hydromassage system with a water bed, and a special lift for disabled people. The second part is used for swimming lessons, games and aqua aerobics. A 60-metre long tube slide is available, as well as a hot tub with a water temperature of 35°C, two saltwater hot tubs, a paddling pool and an elephant slide for the kids. The water temperature in the recreational pool is 31°C- 32°C.





Three types of sauna:

  • Finnish – with four benches, providing mental and physical relaxation;
  • Brine and herbal steam bath – an excellent combination of traditional sauna with aromatherapy, ideal for throat, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lung disease prevention;
  • Steam bath – with four benches, has mild temperatures and high humidity, decreases muscle tension and brings relaxation to the mind.

The saunas may be accessed directly from the swimming pool. After leaving you may relax on lounge chairs on a beautiful mezzanine, with a cold water pool amidst tropical plants. The whole sauna room may also be booked.

The fitness room has special mirrors for conducting fitness classes, special activities and rehabilitation. Visitors may use the table tennis tables, and it is also possible to organise various events, such as Birthdays with the Dolphin.


Massage parlour offering professional massage services, phone: 693-536-338.


Sports shop offering swimming accessories, cosmetics and flip flops.

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