The only one in Europe on such a scale, the Spatial Orientation Park was created September 3rd 2012 in the area of Special Purpose School for Vision-Impaired Children in Owińska.


In the space of around 2 ha a climate of a Baroque garden was recreated, combined with a landscape park. 280 species of plants were planted. A system of training aids was composed into the garden, such as a system of buried chimes giving different sounds and vibrations, balance beams, swings, slides, trampolines and nets which, apart from training the participants’ physical fitness allowed them to perfect their sense of direction and distance. In the park there is also a wind tower showing the direction and strength of wind. Special sound communication devices are to help vision-impaired people find new ways of spatial orientation based on sound. In addition the garden contains a pier and a small, illuminated bridge.


The project cost almost 6 million zloty half of which was provided by the Poznań Poviat while the other half was acquired thanks to the efforts of Jerzy Buzek from the European Regional Development Fund.


Apart from the exceptional Spatial Orientation Park in Owińska, the Special Purpose School for Vision-Impaired Children also contains the only Typhlology Museum in Poland, as well as the first typhloacoustic laboratory, where the pupils learn the sounds of the city.

The opening hours of the Spatial Orientation Park:


1. on weekdays:

  •  For individual tourists 9 AM -11 AM
  •  For groups (required booking by phone or email) 

2. on Saturdays:

  • For individual tourists 10 AM-14 AM
  • For groups (required booking by phone or email)

3. on Sundays and holidays, the Park is closed.


On the remaining hours the Park is in use by the pupils of the Special Purpose School for Vision-Impaired Children in Owińska.




Cysterek Street

62-005 Owińska

tel. 618 126 737,  618 120 486


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